BIN MATES – Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. By booking a wheelie bin cleaning service the customer agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions and upon acceptance agrees to pay, on a reoccurring basis, the nominated sum for the selected bin cleaning service.

These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice, from time to time at our sole discretion. We will notify you of amendments to these terms and conditions by posting them to this website.

The payment methods accepted online are by Master Card, VISA or Debit Card. All initial card payments are processed on the day of the booking with recurring payments processed on subsequent visits as per the frequency selected upon booking.

The customer will assume full responsibility for the payment method made online and the card utilised to make such payments. Bin Mates does not assume any risk of liability for the customer agreeing to a transaction. As such, Bin Mates reserves the right to refuse a refund once the terms and conditions are agreed to. It is therefore agreed the Cardholder assumes responsibility for such payments made.

It is the customer’s responsibility to have the bins emptied for the day of cleaning service and all wheelie bins must be empty of waste prior to commencement of cleaning. If any waste remains in the bin after the waste collection, or if added after the collection it will be at Bin Mates discretion as to whether cleaning can be carried out. If a bin is unable to be cleaned due to excessive waste on the day of the cleaning service, the bins will not be cleaned, nor monies refunded.

Bin Mates may refuse to clean a wheelie bin on the grounds of health, safety or for any other valid reason. We are unable to clean any wheelie bins that are contaminated with wet paint, excessive amounts of wet oil or any Human / Animal faeces. Where we are unable to wash your bins due to contamination your service may still be charged.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure that their bins are located on their premises as described in the customers details upon initial booking. Bin Mates will assume that if the bins are not marked with the customers address number, then the bins on the premises are the bins to be cleaned. It is also the customer’s responsibility to provide access to the bins on premises and access to the premises so that Bin Mates is able to complete the service on the day of service. The bins must be located at the front of the premises without any restriction to access of the bins. That is, the bins will not be behind a fence, gate, in an area where an animal is located or any other circumstances which will unreasonably prevent access. If access to a wheelie bin is prevented in such circumstances monies will not be refunded.

Bin Mates reserve the right to charge for a requested visit which is made, but no wheelie bin is cleaned, for whatever reason. If your wheelie bins are going to be unavailable for cleaning on a scheduled cleaning day, please provide at least 48 hours’ notice in order for us to suspend your service and avoid any charges.

Wheelie bins are cleaned at the customer premises, any payment for cleaning is for the same specific wheelie bin on each occasion and it is at the address where the first clean took place. The customer also agrees that upon acceptance of these terms and conditions they authorise Bin Mates to place a sticker on the bins cleaned for future identification purposes at their discretion. The condition of the bin is the responsibility of the customer and replacement stickers are at the discretion of the Bin Mates.

Bin Mates will take all due care and diligence during a clean but will not be held responsible for any damage to a wheelie bin or property reported after the event for which they are not deemed liable.

Typically, as long as the local authority is able to empty your wheelie bin we should be able to clean your wheelie bin but in the unlikely event that we are unable to clean your bin either on the same day or the following morning, advanced notice will be given where possible and a cleaning credit will be preserved.

If the local authorities are unable to empty your wheelie bin due to bad weather or any other reasons outside of your control, and we are sub sequentially unable to clean your bin we will always do our best to reschedule your clean where possible or preserve your bin cleaning credit until the next scheduled clean.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that we have the correct and current contact details. Please ensure we are updated as soon as possible if any contact details should change. Failure to do so may cause confusion and possible unwanted charges.

The customer hereby releases and discharges Bin Mates from all claims, suits or actions for any loss or liability whatsoever arriving out of any failure by Bin Mates to provide the services referred to herein or resulting from the provision of such services in a negligent manner BUT if this clause is void pursuant to any legislative provision, then the liability of Bin Mates in respect to any such loss or liabilities shall be restricted to the cost of providing the cleaning services of this customer.

Bin Mates may increase the cleaning fee from time to time upon the giving of one calendar month notice of such increase. If the customer objects to such increase, the customer shall notify Bin Mates of such objection within that one month notice period. If the customer does not notify Bin Mates of an objection to the proposed increases within the time stipulated, the increase shall be deemed to have been accepted by the customer and shall apply from the date stipulated in the notice of the proposed increases.


The customer must notify Bin Mates in writing of its intention to terminate their cleaning service by providing at least two weeks notice of their desire to do so. If this notice is not provided, Bin Mates reserves the right to charge the customer up to the amount that would otherwise have been received if the correct notice was given.