Why would I have my wheelie bins cleaned?

To create a safer, cleaner environment to protect you and your family’s health & hygiene.  Unclean wheelie bins create health & hygiene hazards due to the germs & bacteria that grow within them leading to numerous concerns such as illness, especially for the young & elderly, from exposure to these harmful bacteria.  Through having us clean your wheelie bins, not only will they be clean, but they will also be free of bad odours and hygienically cleaned so you no longer have to worry about harmful germs, fungi and viruses.  Our process also helps keep away creepy crawlies and vermin.

Do I need to be home when you come to clean my wheelie bins?

Absolutely not, there is no need for you to be a home as we clean your bins the same day they are emptied by the council garbage collectors – simply leave your bins out on the kerb and we will visit your premises on that day – you will know when we have been as your bins will be clean, fresh and smelling nice.

Do I need to have a water supply available for you?

Absolutely not – our mobile unit is fully self-sufficient and carries its own water supply and fitted with high pressure hoses.

How often should I get my wheelie bins cleaned?

Bin Mates recommends regular cleaning every two weeks to give the best results in eliminating odours and keeps the general cleanliness of the bins under control.  We offer regular cleans either every two weeks or every four weeks (on the recycle week) and we also offer a one-off clean service.

What happens if I forget to put my bins out?

We can only clean your bins if they are empty, so if you forget to put one (most common as people usually forget to put their recycle bins out) or both bins out we will clean whatever bin is on the kerb and will still charge for the service – this is due to the fact we have still traveled to your premises, attempted to locate your bins (& cleaned one bin if you only forget to put your recycle bin out)  and completed any associated administration work.