About Us

Bin Mates is a recently established, family owned and operated business. Being a large family with five children we are a busy lot and the job of cleaning our wheelie bins just kept getting pushed down the list of things to do, leaving us with dirty, smelly, insect infested wheelie bins. After finding there was no one in the area providing a bin cleaning service we decided to establish the service ourselves, and so Bin Mates was created.

The build up of germs and bacteria that grow within unclean wheelie bins creates health and hygiene hazards leading to numerous concerns including illness, especially for the young and elderly.  Add to this the unwanted odours and increased chance of unwanted insects and bugs in and around your home, there’s more than enough reason to want a clean wheelie bin.

But, individual households cleaning wheelie bins using non-biodegradable chemicals can unintentionally cause storm-water pollution if the contaminated water enters gutters and drains, plus aids in depleting our precious water resource.

We aim to provide high quality, professional, friendly, reliable service to the Atherton Tableland area in an environmentally friendly manner. We wish to help reduce both health and hygiene hazards that exist within unclean bins while also reducing the negative environmental impacts of cleaning wheelie bins by using environmentally friendly, sustainable processes and practices.